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Women in Transition Ireland

Are you a woman who’d like to make big changes in your life? Women In Transition (WIT) is your chance to learn from the women who’ve walked this path before you.  WIT is for women who want to make their world bigger, who want to see changes— in themselves, and in the way things work… in their business, in their industry, in their lives and in the world.

This weekend retreat experience will be about expanding your tool box so that you can build a life you really believe in; you will explore change cycles, different ways of knowing and being, conflict management and communication strategies, your patterns, blocks and behaviours and creative forms of personal expression.  You will also build a new network of equally passionate women so that your journey continues to be supported long after this weekend is over.

If you:

  • Are a life long learner

  • Are looking for new and better ways to make major decisions.

  • Are feeling a little ‘stuck’ in certain places but not sure how to get moving again.

  • Are ready to get wise as well as smart about how change works.

  • Are looking for ways to resolve conflicts— within yourself, and with others.

  • Are facing a major pivotal point in your life or any other major life-change.

  • Want to explore big life questions, so you can do what you are really called to do.


  • Would to have some fun doing it.



WIT originated in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia and is lead by Renee Martyna. Renée is a former UN development worker turned social entrepreneur with a deep interest in the integrative arts. She first moved to Bali to deliver retreat programs for burnt-out aid workers. Now she is the owner, program adviser and facilitator at Hubud, Bali’s first coworking space.

Within the context of WIT, Renée developed The Challenge Process to help people to make changes, get creative about solutions to difficult problems, build community and raise consciousness through the art of powerful conversation. drawing on the disciplines of social Innovation and complexity theory as well as ancient wisdom traditions.

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