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Daring To Be Courageous Live Event Dublin


During this in-person, 2-day mastermind retreat you will learn what it means to live a very full courageous life and business. Together we will embrace vulnerability, face your fearsreduce your stresspractice courage and embrace uncertainty. I have created a 5 step formula that I have been using in my life and business for the last 10+ years which you will walk away with and will be able to apply to any and every area of your life.

It all starts with a choice. 

To chose fear or courage.

Are you ready to listen to that voice inside you that reminds you of your tremendous unfulfilled potential?

Are you ready to grab hold of that deep-rooted feeling within you of innate power? 

To let go of your fears and insecurities and embrace a vivacious confidence?

To be magnetic, radiant, creative and sensual?

To live the life you were born to live? 

Make the decision to awaken to your divine feminine power and chose courage in every moment and I promise that your life will never be the same again.

No two events I run are ever the same. My events are a culmination of all my work and training to date (10+ years). My events are a very deep transformational journey with a blend of Ceremony, Ritual, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation based off the women’s teachings, Shamanic processes, Sound Therapy, Coaching, Deep processes plus so much more.

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