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Would you like trans, non-binary and intersex people to know about your trans-friendly business or organisation? #transprideni

Trans Pride NI is inviting all transgender, LGB and T groups, trans-friendly businesses, trade unions, religious organisations, human rights groups, student groups, government agencies, the public sector, political groups, women’s groups and equality groups, that support trans, non-binary and intersex people, in Northern Ireland, to a discussion on what their group can do to help trans, non-binary and intersex people within the next year. The event participants will be recorded in a Trans Information Directory, available online, giving each participant’s area of expertise.

Reasonable transport costs to First Presbyterian Church’s Minor Hall, where this event is occurring can be provided. Message this page for details.

Refreshments will be provided.

Trans Information Exchange has been grant aided by Belfast City Council. The views expressed are not necessarily shared or endorsed by the Council. The Council does not accept any responsibility or liability for the same.

Accessibility information is given on

Trans Pride NI has a clear Code of Conduct which is published at

Trans Pride NI is accepted as being a Charitable Company by the HMRC for tax purposes.

Donations page:

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