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Find Peace – Women’s Yoga Class

5 Week Course


First week is free a taster session!

This gentle series is a perfect place to begin your yoga practice, or if you are already practicing, it is a class to bring full breath to your practice. Slow, accessible movements invite you to become curious about your body and breath. If I move this way with my body, how does my breath respond? Where do I feel relaxed? Where do I feel tense? Does this movement help me to feel better? We will begin with a focus on breath, expanding into a full body practice, closing with guided meditation.

This series is designed to catch you after a busy day and build a practice to relax your body and mind. It is a class that will nurture a calm, safe environment to allow you to, over time, find peace. An overwhelmed system will find it difficult to take in more information and to move forward with new tasks, so take this as an opportunity to off load, destress and have some me time on your mat!

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