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On International Women’s Day, the UK Government published the Rose Review, a report on the barriers to women starting and growing their business.

Key themes include:

*  Women make up 33% of entrepreneurs in the UK

*  Achieving parity in start up rates could generate an additional £250bn to the UK economy

*  Currently 1p in every £1of VC funding goes to female led businesses

*  Networks cannot be under estimated

Join us on the 17th September at  Ulster University, Magee, to discuss the findings, engage in a panel discussion exploring how the North West can encourage and develop female entrepreneurship and to formally launch Back Her Business;  the first female-only crowdfunding programme that supports would-be entrepreneurs across the UK.   Although most of the funding will come from “the crowd” – the bank will provide top-up funding of £1 million per year across the UK.  We will offer eligible projects up to 50% of an entrepreneur’s fundraising target, capped at £5,000 and, our Northern Ireland Board can also award some projects with further top-up funding.  

The programme is open to all women, including those who identify as female.   More info and to get started can be found on theBack Her Business site.  

Parking is available on campus but please leave enough time to transfer to the venue.


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